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Black Commandments

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Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow
The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within

As a people we have had many things that have slowed our progress in redeveloping our position as a moving force in the universal scheme of things. The intake, processing, dessimmination, and dispertion of current pertinent information among the many groups of the Afrikan Diaspora about the globe is an essential part of our present and future salvation as we move into the new millineum. The burdon of our past must also be retold over and over, never to be put away but always passed on and on so as to keep alive the vital lessons we learned. For these lessons are also keys to our true liberation. Liberation from the oppressive yoke of mental slavery under which we dwell. With this knowledge we can again develop the ability to remain rooted to who and what we are, to develop a truer sense of our beauty and humanity.

This in essense is what this site is about. The mission is to bring before the people information that is not usually put at their disposal. This information will be from many different sources, to which I shall attempt whenever possible to give avenues to further the research of those of us who really want a deep understanding of who we are and can be as a whole people.

Please feel motivated and free to submit any interesting info that might be presented here for the benefit of the people:

If any of this strikes you as something that you want to share with someone that is not online, feel free to print it out and pass it on. Remember: "Each One Teach One"

Also please feel free to link to this site with one of the iconsHERE It's one of the best and easiest ways to share the knowledge and tell your friends.