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James R. Flaherty 1973

1. Love Yourself First... for no one is greater than you

2. Develop Knowledge Of Your Heritage... to know your past is to know your future

3. Develop Respect For Eachother... respect between individuals makes for a strong and united people

4. Develop clear lines of communication between Parents and children... there must be clear understanding so true Love can exist

5. Develop Firm Objectives And Goals For Yourself... to plan today is to be aware of where you are going tomarrow

6. Develop And Define The Role Of Man And The Role Of Woman

7. Develop A Strong Base Of Unity And Keep It Solid

8. Develop Your Knowledge Of Black History And Basic Educational Skills... education is the key link to economic strength

9. Develop Clear Understanding Of Politics... therefore ideoligies and philosophies can be better defined

10. Develop Your Spiritual Belief To The Highest Plane Possible

11. Develop Discipline And Control For Lust, Desire, And Sheer Materialism

Develop Your Home (AFRIKA) Land Of Origin... for without a home these commandments can not flourish to their fullest potential

"Remember These Commandments And Keep Them Conscious"


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