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Afrocentric Booklist II.
( Non-Black Authors )

*One Hundred Years Of Lynching
Ralph Ginzburg

*South Africa: The Prospect Of Peaceful Change
Theodor Hanf, Heribert Weiland and Gerda Vierdag

*Guerilla Struggle In Africa
Kenneth W. Grundy

*Confrontation And Accomidation In Southern Africa
Kenneth W. Grundy

*Ideoligies Of Violence
Kenneth W. Grundy

*The Militarization Of South African Politics
Kenneth W. Grundy

*The Iceman Inheritance
Michael Bradley

*Amnesty International Yearly Report
Amnesty International

*State Of The World (A Yearly Report)
Lester R. Brown

*The Hidden Wound
Wendell Berry

*From Genesis To Genecide: The Meaning Of Human Nature And The Power Of Behavior Control
Stephen L. Chorover

*Armed And Dangerous: The Rise Of The Survivalist Right
James Coates

*Corruptions Of Empire
Alexander Cockburn

*Who Owns America Now?
G. William Domhoff

*The Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers
Paul Kennedy

*Education Or Cultural Imperialism
Martin Carnoy

*White Supremacy
George Fredrickson

*The Nature Of Mass Poverty
John K. Galbrath

*The Real Terror Network: Terrorism In Fact And Propaganda
Edward S. Herman

*Women's Reality: An Emerging Female System In A White Male Society
Ann Wilson Schaef

*"Racial Matters": The F.B.I.'s Secret File On Black America, 1960-1972
Kennedy O' Reilly

*The Natural Superiority
Ashley Montagu

*The Creation Of Patriarchy
Gerda Lerner

*The Secret Of White Domiation
Kurt Mendelism

*Why Males Exist
Fred Hapgood

*The Mismeasure Of Man
Stephen Jay Gould

*An Empire Of Their Own: How The Jews Invented Hollywood
Neal Gabler

*The Silent Brotherhood: Inside America's Racist Underground
K. Flynn, G. Gerhardt

*Psychological Operations In Guerila Warfare: The C. I. A.'s Nicaragua Manual
J. Omang, A. Neier

*With Justice For None
Gerry Spence

*Helping Ourselves: Local Solutions To Global Problems
Bruce Stokes

*The White Conscience: An Analysis Of The White Man's Mind And Conduct
Frank H. Tucker

*Who Needs The Negro?
Sidney M. Wilhelm

*The Way Of Life
Lao Tzu

*Empire As A Way Of Life
William A. Williams<---BEGIN Hardloves webring code-->


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