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I'm Writing This Poem (For Every Brother)

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
that has come to the realization that
Everyone attempts in their own little
Sanctimonious fashion to destroy a bit
Of his dignity, his pride, his very worth.

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
That sees through the constant bullshit
That is layed out daily like a crisp
New burial shroud in the gross attempt
To swaddle up his mind / his spirit and
Cast him / millstone about his neck /
Hands lashed behind his back / into the
Raging seas of failure and dissapointment.

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
That ever recieved a threatening letter
From the state because he doesn't filter
The support through their grubby
Little mits, for which he is labeled /
Lazy / cheap / and no account

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
That has had to rock himself to sleep
under the banner of degenerate animal
Even as he witnesses the rape, the pillage,
The very brutilization of all his Mothers /
All his Sisters / all his daughters

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
That seems to fall short of being able to
Provide what little girls have been raised
To expect from their man even while the
Whole of society denies him equal access
To the pursuit thereof

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
That is stalled out of the main stream
Because he doesn't possess the adequate
experience to get employment in which
To gaine the necessary experience

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
That remains in the street and homeless
Because no one would rent to him because
He has no presentable rental history
Because no one would rent to him because
He is homeless

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
That has had his window and windsheild
Smashed/ tires flattened/ wires pulled out/
Gas tank sugared/ clothes cut up or burned/
House broken into/ property destroyed/
Pockets rifled/ address book and privacy
Invaded/ pictures returned or ripped up, by
His so called wife/ woman/ female/ lover/
Girlfriend/ ex/ lady or fatal attraction

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
That has ever been escorted from his home/
Snatched from the streets/ nightclubs/ car/
public or private functions/ etc., and
Forced by those deemed to be in authority
To spend even one solitary night in oe of
Those concrete and steel cages in the name
Of Justice

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
That has puzzled over why it seems to
Be considered alright and fair game to
Effect just about any destructive act
That one might care to commit upon or
Against his person

I'm writing this poem for every Brother
That has had enough of this crazy life
And spirit draining bullshit I'm
Writing this poem to wish a hail and
Hearty FUCK YOU from every Brother that/
In the face of all these diverse bits
Of daily oppression and confusion/ has
Come to the realization that in the
Final analisis/ his shear refusal to
Remain laying face down/ the very act
Of steady and steadfastly getting back
Up/ the decision to finally and forever
Stop being the victim/ is now and
Evermore truly his only real salvation

Embrionic Deja Vu

I grew so much up in that
little room with you.
Stretched out in the com
fort of that feathered bed.
Sparkling in the somber light
of your radiance.
Looked into the continuous
twilght of your dusk.
And you told me I should know,
then you told me why.
There in your auto-erotic,
quasi-lectual promenade,
Waltzing in dampened silk
ballrooms ablaze.
Riding an endless wave
of lashing sea.
And now I know it is as
it should be.

I shrivel a bit inside my
thoughts of that room

The Light Binds Us

The light binds us together
Even in the darkness it seeps in
To wash us in it's warm softness
Revealing the secrets that hide
rooting out the mysteries
Exposing the all of it to our eyes
And we in shame finger eachother
And pray that the light misses us

It won't... it can't
It is what adhers us wraps us
Swaddling, moaning in the manger
Exposed to the shining stars
We are the beasts that in the
beginning bayed at the moon
Howling in our lonliness until
We learned to finger eachother

And hide from the light
And now we moan hot
Hot sighs, hot lies, hot thighs
Yes moan, moan in the dark
Whimper in joyous fear tossing
Turning, flipping, flailing
Bound even in the very darkness...
By the light

Thoughts Upon Awakening

I thought of you this morning
when I awoke
But you're there in my head
every morning
Thoughts of you close each
of my nights
And fill the spaces all
through the day
Like a dancing dream you
sweeten each waking hour
And like some phantom divaMy heart is full with your
ghostly presence
My soul would be incomplete
without you in it
Yes right up under my skin
is where you belong
Like whispy smoke on a
crowded dancefloor
A buterfly lighting on
the tip of a radical island
An island churning in rebirth
to taste life anew

And I sense fortunes hands fusing us in unit

Face to face, Breast to breast,
Sex to sex, toe to toe
Shoulder to shoulder, side by side
Pressing and molding

Back to back, Butt to butt
Hip to hip, Ankle to ankle
Calves to calves, Heels to heels
Total and Complete
Ultimate as never before

And what of late
am I full of as
nothing ever before

You my precious
rebirth, you and
nothing more


So here you are again back to haunt me
If you were a ghost, what a tragedy
But you're flesh and blood, why not let me be
You can't really want me, just set me free

I thought you were gone, for good from my space
Thought I was done with you, back in the race
And now you have found me in this new place
To turn back my heart with sugar and lace

The shame of it is I can't turn away
I can't escape this love game that you play
Your eyes hypnotize me, your hips, that sway
Dulls the sunset that ends the bright day

And with no resistance it won't be long
before we're entwined to dance our love song


Can we justify the
hatred we put forth
By pointing out the
hate that created it
Is that simply the
gate to destroying

Is there ever such a
thing as getting even
Can learned behavior
be a legitamite excuse
Could the very
existance of race be
a myth

Not having killed the
other, already we
kill ourselves
Sometimes life is a
one sided pyramid
Sunk deep in the

Of Your Blackness
(To All My Offspring, Direct & Otherwise)

Come my child and let me speak to you of your Blackness
I can't tell you what it is, I can tell you what it isn't
I can't tell you how to pull it forth, but I can tell you
where it is at. I will say this. It isn't dependent on the
standards set by others who would use those standards to
manipulate your actions, control your thought process,
enslave, bending you to their will. It isn't dependent on the
color or gender of who you sleep with or where you purchase
your consumer goods. It isn't dependent on who you support in
your political views or the stations of the individuals you
associate with, what god you pray to or even whether you
pray to any god at all. It's not dependent on you knowing
Fredrick Douglas, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X or Martin Luther
King Jr., or any other Black iconiclastic heroes.
I can tell you that the root of your Blackness reclines in your
ancient origin. I can tell you that you are of that which has
gone before, lingers stubbornly still and shall be there
forever more. I can tell you that you are one of the parents
of mankind, all that are, came through you and you must know
and hold on to that for without the parent the children shall
perish. So let no man save yourself decide your Blackness.
For you are the very life blood of all the human race.

All Poetry On This Site copywritten 1999 (unless noted otherwise)

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